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A A.N. Small

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First name: A

Middle name: A.N.

Last name: Small

Personal information:

Letters received by Miss A.A.N. Small regarding the book "Some of the Fifth Division's Glory" as well as handwritten accounts of experiences in the 5th Division in WW1. Some of the reminiscences were written by the men themselves and others were written by family members on behalf on men who died during the war. Many of the reminiscences related to fighting in Villers-Bretonneux and Peronne; some accounts were written from Belgium and France: Harold G. Hackworthy; Lieutenant-Colonel J. W. Clark; E. P. Campbell; J. Caddy; General Elliott; "One pip"; Vivian D. Inglis; Ernest Ferguson; Major W. G. Farquhar; C.H. Crisps; Private W.J. Bradford; H.D. Allen writing about Private Daniel O'Flaherty, known as "Mad Mick"; Lieutenant Charles Small; Harold H.W. Davis; Lieutenant F. H. Allmond; Hector Brewer; Lieutenant Calder K. Oliver; E. Slater writing about Lieutenant-Colonel P.W. Woods; D.M. Smith writing about Private Alfred John Smith; H.D. Allen writing about "Our funniest man"; Lieutenant T.C. Watters; Sergeant E. MacKay writing about Captain Cotteril; Brigadier-Major G.A. Street writing about General Pompey Elliott; Lieutenant William Frederick Clark; R.A. Paull; E. Maxsted writing about Chaplain Spencer; Captain Jim Austin Chapman; James E. Cull; Sergeant Lowbridge; Corporal Arthur C. Hall, V.C.; Lieutenant C.E. Fuller; Eileen McCoy writing about Lieutenant McCoy; H. Howard; Lieutenant Harold Cox; Ellen Cahill writing about Private Peter Cahill; Lieutentant Walter Herbert Oldham; Charles A. Bridgement writing about Edward Samuel Bridgement; C. de Burgh writing about Private P.W. de Burgh; Frank Owen Walker and Arthur Washington Walker; Ethel Kelly writing about Private George Kelly; Major-General J. Talbot Hobbs; J. Barr writing about Captain Percy George Archibald Barr; A. Styles writing about H.A.E. Styles. Includes an account of Arthur Charles Hall's experiences based on his letters + 2 letters from Grace Cossington-Smith

Box 8 Item 17 – Hugh Venables Vernon miscellaneous papers, 1916-1919.
Handmade protection with steely look and stylish upper lip!

At first glance it is apparent that this garment would have been quite difficult to actually put on, due to the tight fit. Undoubtedly handcrafted by a loved one, it has been photographed in action by the  wearer, as intended. I particularly like the attention to detail on the moustache – possibly one of the few things that a man in his position had complete control over.

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