Norman Philip Scheidel

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First name: Norman

Middle name: Philip

Last name: Scheidel

Personal information:

Miss Lillian Scheidel's brother, Norman Philip Scheidel, a law clerk of Waverley, New South Wales and a number of his friends in New Guinea formed a group called the Swastika Boys, who enlisted for war service with 21st Militia Citizen Forces and 1st N & N Expeditionary Horse in New Guinea 1914. Only two of the group survived. In 25 June 1915 at the age of 21 Norman Scheidel embarked from Sydney on board Transport A40 Ceramic and served with the 18th Battalion. He was killed in action at Gallipoli, 22 Aug. 1915

An Anzac and some of his friends. "The Donks"
'An Anzac and some of his friends. "The Donks"'

Taken by official war photographer Frank Hurley, this image and its title are equally captivating  because it's such an ordinary photo of a young man looking after his animals in such  extraordinary circumstances. I can just imagine him saying something like 'Must be almost time to feed the donks' - an unremarkable job if he was at home, perhaps he was a farmer. Something else again at War in the Middle East. See pic.
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