Miles Franklin

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First name: Miles

Middle name:

Last name: Franklin

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Describes day to day activities in London working at the Minerva cafe as a cook, joining the Scottish Women's Hospitals for Foreign Service unit at Ostrovo, Macedonia as a volunteer orderly and departure from camp 3 Feb. 1918 for London

Ward diary, 6 October 1914 - 28 July 1915
Diary of Eric Harford Ward

More than just this dairy (which is incredibly moving), it's the stories you piece together by reading other material in our collection. While on duty, Eric Ward wrote several letters to his home town paper The Bathurst TimesYou can even get a small glimpse of his life after the war with mention of a wedding. These documents are like pieces of a puzzle that together show a picture of a man who went to war and, thankfully, returned home.

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