James Shipman

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First name: James

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Last name: Shipman

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Diary describes the route taken by H.M.A.S. Yarra, patrolling and escorting convoys of troopships, searching for mines and enemy submarines around Australia and south east Asia from 5 June 1915 to June 1917, and in the Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea, 21 Nov.-Dec. 1918. Originally two notebooks, glued togetherhospitalised with influenza in England

Military parade, Macquarie Street, Sydney
A birthday treat(y) signals a short-lived period of world peace

Being an ardent pacifist I was delighted to discover that the Treaty of Versailles was signed on 28 June – my birthday!  An examination of the souvenir programme, Victory Celebrations (Signing of Peace), revealed a route  that was to pass in front of the original Mitchell Library.  Further searching of the Library’s collections revealed this magnificent photo of the event.

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