Jacques Playoust

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First name: Jacques

Middle name:

Last name: Playoust

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In the late 19th century wool buyers from the Flanders region of France emigrated with their families to Australia in order to buy wool for weaving in the great textile centres of northern France. Among them were the Playoust family who settled in Sydney. At the outbreak of war in 1914, members of this family returned to France to fight for their homeland

An Anzac and some of his friends. "The Donks"
'An Anzac and some of his friends. "The Donks"'

Taken by official war photographer Frank Hurley, this image and its title are equally captivating  because it's such an ordinary photo of a young man looking after his animals in such  extraordinary circumstances. I can just imagine him saying something like 'Must be almost time to feed the donks' - an unremarkable job if he was at home, perhaps he was a farmer. Something else again at War in the Middle East. See pic.

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