J E Morrison

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First name: J

Middle name: E

Last name: Morrison

Personal information:

J. E. Morrison was an officer on board H.M.A.T. Indarra (C810). Requisitioned by the Admiralty, the 9,735 ton Indarra was taken over in Port Jackson on 20 Oct. 1917 and in April 1918 she joined a convoy of fast ships formed for the purpose of rushing reinforcements to the Western Front from Egypt to France. The Indarra was returned to her owners, the Australasian United Steam Navigation Company on 24 Sept. 1919. Merchanr navy

Arthur John Moore Burrowes letters and postcards to his family, 26 January 1918-15 September 1919
'If anything else is added the post card will be destroyed'

Keeping the secrets of battles fought, won and lost, makes for very clinical correspondence from ‘over there’. Reading between the lines about the realities of life in the armed forces must have been very difficult for the recipients of such scant morsels of information. It isn’t exactly a wordy message but I am sure it would have been happily received back home with the first line kept intact. See postcard.

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