Edgar Bainton

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First name: Edgar

Middle name:

Last name: Bainton

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While visiting Germany for the Bayreuth music festival in 1914, Edgar Bainton was caught by the outbreak of war and interned in Ruhleben civilian detention camp near Berlin with other musicians (including Ernest MacMillan, Edward Clark, Percy Hull and Arthur Benjamin). He organized a madrigal society known as 'Bainton's Magpies', conducted an orchestra, played piano concertos, lectured on musical and literary subjects, and composed vigorously. In 1918 he was invalided to The Hague before resuming his position at Newcastle in England.

The European War, ca. 1914-1918 / William Henry Dyson
All’s fair in love and war ...

Don’t know why, but I love this image ... Life goes on despite the weary body language of both the Aussie soldier and the European woman. Both seem sick and tired of their situations; but the eye contact still seems to be intense in the middle of all that mayhem. See pic.

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