J E Morrison

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First name: J

Middle name: E

Last name: Morrison

Personal information:

J. E. Morrison was an officer on board H.M.A.T. Indarra (C810). Requisitioned by the Admiralty, the 9,735 ton Indarra was taken over in Port Jackson on 20 Oct. 1917 and in April 1918 she joined a convoy of fast ships formed for the purpose of rushing reinforcements to the Western Front from Egypt to France. The Indarra was returned to her owners, the Australasian United Steam Navigation Company on 24 Sept. 1919. Merchanr navy

Box 8 Item 17 – Hugh Venables Vernon miscellaneous papers, 1916-1919.
Handmade protection with steely look and stylish upper lip!

At first glance it is apparent that this garment would have been quite difficult to actually put on, due to the tight fit. Undoubtedly handcrafted by a loved one, it has been photographed in action by the  wearer, as intended. I particularly like the attention to detail on the moustache – possibly one of the few things that a man in his position had complete control over.

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