Frederick Sefton Delmer

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First name: Frederick

Middle name: Sefton

Last name: Delmer

Personal information:

The outbreak of World War I largely ended Delmer's academic career. He declined to apply for German naturalisation and as an alien, suspected of being a spy, was interned at Ruhleben. He boosted morale among the predominantly British internees, founding the camp's Literary and Debating Society. Released in 1915, teaching positions were blocked to him. In 1917 he was repatriated to England, then he returned to the Continent as a correspondent for the London Daily Mail.

Street signs, the corner of Frederick St and Dodson Av
Trove solves a family mystery

All the WW1 records for my great grand uncle showed he lived in Hanover St, Lidcombe. However, this street no longer exists. Searching in Trove I discovered the street had been renamed to honour another soldier, Private Frederick Doodson who was killed on Anzac Day landing at the Dardanelles. The digitised newspapers helped me to unravel a mystery in the family history. Trove supplied the missing piece to the puzzle and also the reason why the street name was changed, and the wonderful recognition for the local soldier who died.
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